Hashim Alzaabi

Co-Founder and CEO

Hashim Alzaabi is a strategic consultant and an alum of BCG and Monitor Deloitte, with extensive experience working across the private and public sector on topics ranging from public policy and national transformation to program governance and implementation.Both in his consultancy roles and as a serial entrepreneur, Hashim has contributed to multiple national and localized programs in areas of education, labor market prep, deep tech and space technology, as well as social innovation.

Hashim’s expertise also lies in strategic planning, execution and implementation, as well as in setting up robust digital ventures that have a focus on smart, innovative business solutions.

Rohit Majhi

Co-Founder and Partner

Rohit is an entrepreneur and strategy advisor who has provided critical strategic advice on digital topics to large public sector clients like the Gulf Cooperative Council and the UAE Government, as well as large private Fortune 500 companies like GE, Intel, Microsoft, and Coca-Cola. He is specialized in national strategies in technology, space & labor markets.

Christian Gemayel

Managing Partner

Christian Gemayel has extensive experience as an industry practitioner, having been involved in a large number of projects in the region where he continues to build expertise in human capital, strategy and operations across various industries, namely the education, public sector and TMT industry. 

Christian has also worked on different thought leadership articles focused around innovation and technology trends. 

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